High Pressure High Temperature Diamond

High Pressure High Temperature Diamond
Diamond HPHT

HPHT stands for high pressure and high temperature. This is a method of harnessing HPHT to those diamonds that are not fully crystallized otherwise known as premature diamonds. Like all other diamonds, these beauties are formed in volcanic sources. The HPHT process is a scientific method that is cautiously precise. The HPHT process involves the careful positioning of a diamond by a highly trained gemologist into a “containment cube” that is surrounded by heating mechanisms. The cube is then placed in a press to apply the same amount of pressure that the earth creates when forming diamonds. This process brings the diamond to its most mature, desirable, colorless state.

What are the Rewards to Purchasing an HPHT Diamond?

Colored diamonds while being very popular and desirable are very rare and extremely expensive, making them affordable only to a select few consumers. Now with the HPHT process they are affordable to everyone. HPHT treatment is a process which is very similar to nature, putting the diamond back into the environment in which is formed. The major benefit of buying an HPHT natural diamond is having the ability to purchase the highest clarification and white diamonds with average savings from 45-70%. For example a round 1.51 carat D VVS1 natural diamond that costs approximately $32,700 online where the same diamond treated by the HPHT color process sells for $11,415 that is a total saving of $21,285. In short HPHT diamonds are genuine, mined diamonds. They are suitable for diamond buyers who want top color and clarity, at a substantially lower price, with GIA or EGL certificates.

HPHT DiamondProcess of HPHT

The HPHT process is used to finish what nature started by applying 70,000 atmospheres it would be the same atmospheric pressure that a diamond gets in the ground at temperatures up to 3,700°F. Meeting these circumstances will bring a diamond to its fully “mature” state. Mature diamonds are defined as those that have D, E, F, G or H color grades. The HPHT process simply finishes what nature started. The HPHT diamond maturation process is permanent. Even though heat and pressure is applied to bring a natural, high clarity, top light brown (TLB) or top, top light brown (TTLB) to a white color grade, it is important to note that these diamonds are not synthetics and are 100% natural diamonds.

Treatment of HPHT Diamonds

HPHT diamonds are genuine, mined diamonds. They are suitable for diamond buyers who want top color and clarity, at a substantially lower prices. They wear like all other top quality natural diamonds. There are no caveats. The HPHT process is the only permanent color enhancement process, the only treatment that completely saturates the diamond with color. Unlike irradiated and coated diamonds (another commonly used process to improve the look of diamonds), HPHT diamonds are impervious to change and need no special care to maintain their resilient color. In contrast, irradiated diamonds are prone to color fading at high temperatures and both irradiated and coated diamonds cannot be polished or re-cut without affecting their color. The HPHT color treatment process can be only be applied to diamonds of the highest clarity such as: VVS1 VVS2VS1 VS2. The diamonds must also be flawless, due to the fact that during the process diamonds with inclusions and fractures can be broken and surfaces can be become frosted. Even the very slight inclusion can blow up the stone during the process, thus rendering it useless.

High Pressure High Temperature Diamond